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    From the people who asked Chelsea Hubbell to go away


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    From the people who asked Chelsea Hubbell to go away

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:43 am

    Can Hillary Clinton Please Go Quietly into the Night?

    Even the name of Clinton’s PAC has a presumptuous ring to it. When someone has driven a bus off the road and hurled passengers out of their seats, it’s a bad time for the driver to stagger back to the wheel and call out “Onward together!” Onward, fine. Together, maybe not.

    All of this would be easier to take if Hillary were on a crusade for a distinctive cause, in the manner of Bernie Sanders or Pat Buchanan or Jesse Jackson or Ross Perot. But when she offers her take on the world, she speaks in clichés and vague generalities like “progress” versus “turning back the clock.” Such teleological smugness (to which Barack Obama was likewise prone) doesn’t just attract the ire of conservatives; liberals can get miffed, too. Is “progress” on the side of expanding NATO or the opposite? Is it on the side of greater National Security Agency surveillance or of less? Is it in favor of immigration amnesty or high-tech border security? We all want to move forward, but maybe we’re not all facing Hillary’s way.


    Negotiating a different landscape requires the Democratic Party to return to some basic questions. Times have changed. America is no longer a lone hyperpower triumphing amid squabbles about same-sex marriage. We’re an overstretched empire fighting about fundamental questions of economy and national identity. The Clintons see that, sort of, but they’re stuck in time. Worse, their network, which is vast and powerful and heavily dependent on them, is stuck in time, too. Precisely when those on the left ought to be negotiating today’s fault lines and creating new coalitions, Democrats are getting dragged back into last year’s fights and letting personal loyalties drown out thoughts about core principles. The indefatigability of the Clintons isn’t just a nuisance but a hindrance.

    We can’t expect them to accept this, of course. Psychologist Martin Seligman, author of Learned Optimism, has famously observed that optimists tend to do better in life but exhibit more delusion. They tend to attribute failure to changing external factors rather than enduring internal qualities, blaming outside causes, not themselves. Hillary—who has been pinning her defeat on Comey and Vladimir Putin and the Democratic National Committee and Wikileaks and “a thousand Russian agents” and high expectations and the press and sexism and voter suppression and, for all I know, static cling—is a major optimist. That’s great for persistence and mental well-being. She’s ready to keep driving the bus. But it’s not so great for knowing when to quit. That’s where the passengers come in.

    Of course, they think she means well. They pretend she's honest. But they think her biggest flaw is she's not specific enough, not articulate about what needs to be done and what direction to go.

    Despite their being dupes for the leftist agenda, I do agree with them that Hitlery isn't good for the left. Chelsea Hubbell either.

    Thankfully many in the Democrat party are so bereft of ideas and integrity that they'll follow either of those pied pipers because they continue to talk about stuff more. Even if it does sound idiotic and is short on lucidity.

    The reality is, the Democrats owe Mrs. Bill Clinton a lot. She stuck with Bubba through bimbo eruptions, rapes, child molestations, impeachment, perjury and all sorts of other mischief, helping to prevent a lot of damage to the party in the process.

    But she's also an albatross. She can't articulate anything useful. She's self-centered. She's crooked and everybody knows it. She's dangerous to friend and foe alike. There's not enough oxygen in the room for her and any other Democrat whose name doesn't start and end with Clinton.

    So I can understand the position they find themselves in. I'm happy they're in it, too. Glad I'm not!

    I personally like having a Clinton/Hubbell as the face of the Democrats. But not THE face so much as one of several. Like Crazy Maxine, Bewildered Nancy, Chief Lies-a-Lot Warren, Point-that-Camera-at-Me Schumer, and their latest big and rising star, thing, Kamala Harris. (If you haven't seen or heard any cuts of recent Senate Intel hearings and have no idea who she is, do yourself a favor and learn a bit about this next failure-on-the-rise for the Democrats.)

    The American Dream is to be Donald Trump.
    -- Barack Hussein Obama

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