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    Top Obama Official Seeks Immunity to Spill the Beans


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    Top Obama Official Seeks Immunity to Spill the Beans

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed May 17, 2017 12:39 pm

    Top Obama Official Seeks Immunity to Spill the Beans

    Comey gettin' canned has them scared!

    The recent firing of former FBI Director James Comey has put many Democrats on notice. Now, the lawyers for another former top official in the Obama administration are seeking immunity for their client.

    Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor to Obama, is now seeking a way to testify without facing the music herself. Rice’s lawyers have approached the FBI with the idea that Rice, who stands accused of ordering illegal wiretaps on journalists and President Donald Trump, with spill the beans so long as she’s free from a major criminal investigation, via Infowars.

    Since the source is Infowars, keep a few grains of salt nearby.

    However, there are other things that illustrate the deep state/permanent bureaucracy is feeling a bit uneasy these days. Pedophile rings are being broken up all over, some by the feds and some by other agencies, but all with federal coordination and assistance. (A lot of claims that very high-up officials are involved.) Illegal numbers sneaking across are down around 70%, while deportations have mushroomed. (Illegals and "victims" are the only tools the permanent bureaucracy has of sustaining itself.) The MSM have gone all-out on fake media to cause distractions and avoid covering a whole lot of real stories. The politicians who are tied to the deep state are all caterwauling about impeachment, sometimes stated vaguely enough to know they don't have any grounds, but always to keep the subject going. (It's also handy to help see who on the "right" is part of the problem - yes, I mean people like you John McCain.)

    People such as Rice don't need immunity. She already gave up her 5th Amendment protection when she spilled her story selectively at hearings after claiming those protections. She can cooperate and maybe get a lighter sentence and possibly some protection, or she can be found in contempt, go to jail and maybe wind up another Clinton casualty in jail the way Jim McDougal did. None of the lawyers Comey granted immunity to need it. In fact, I'd revoke their immunity for anything and everything they aren't already on record for disclosing, then bring them in for questioning or contempt findings.

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