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    They know her crimes but do nothing to stop her


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    They know her crimes but do nothing to stop her

    Post  sinister_midget on Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:18 pm

    They know her crimes but do nothing to stop her

    Who is scummier?

    Republican James Comey, director of the FBI, knows Hillary Clinton is guilty as sin. Nevertheless, he refused to recommend indicting her.

    Or Republican David A. French, a lawyer and National Review writer, who also knows she's guilty as sin but refuses to help the guy who stopped her.

    French gained a little notoriety around Memorial Day when he allowed Bill Kristol to float his name as the Never Trump Party candidate. The Left mocked a book he and his wife wrote about staying true when a soldier is deployed overseas (he served in Iraq), and he promptly dropped out. But he is still taking shots at Trump and doing all he can to stop Trump from stopping Hillary.

    Which makes French's columns on Hillary's latest crime - obstruction of justice -- so sad.

    From French on September 2 in "Hillary Clinton Is Even More Dishonest than You Thought":

    Americans cannot believe a single word that comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth. She does what she wants, says whatever she needs to escape the news cycle (or federal prosecution), and proceeds right on with her march to power. Even worse, she’s consistently done so with the willing and enthusiastic participation and cooperation of the vast majority of the progressive media. As a colleague noted, where’s the “Against Hillary” edition of an esteemed liberal publication? 
    Given the stunning incompetence and mendacity of her GOP opponent, this person is likely the next POTUS. After prolonged exposure to her corruption (which isn’t tempered by any of her husband’s charm or political talent), Americans will either be exhausted by the drama or so thoroughly hardened to dishonesty and scandal that our politics will be debased for a generation. She is the living symbol of the corruption of our elite and the rotting of our politics. May her reign be mercifully brief.

    Where's the lefty "Against Hillary" edition? It was called "Against Trump" and the lefty-in-conservative clothing National Review ran it.

    From French on September 5 in "Even if You Believe the Left’s Excuses, Hillary Clinton Still Violated Criminal Law":

    Hillary Clinton had classified information on her homebrew server. She sent it. She received it. She kept it. On this point, it doesn’t matter if she maintained that server for convenience or to evade FOIA. It doesn’t matter if records were wiped through a mistake or to evade a subpoena. Her behavior contains the elements of a federal crime, yet she is escaping prosecution entirely. It must feel good to be a Clinton.

    Surely it is god to be a Clinton when you have wimps like French and Comey running interference for you.

    Oh, Comey is much, much scummier. But French needs his nose rubbed in his amorality. By his own admission, he would rather have a criminal in the Oval Office than someone he doesn't personally like.

    If there's any guilt-by-association, it's that NRO is guilty by associating with vermin like French.

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