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    As always, one of the usual suspects

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon May 15, 2017 12:08 pm

    Wikileaks: guess who owned 75,000 shares of Putin energy company … hint: it’s not Trump!

    The media keeps hinting at business connections that will ‘surely’ demonstrate a conflict of interest with Russia. We’ve found one! But they’ll never report it.

    In the newly-uncovered email exchanged under the subject “Podesta Outstanding Docs for Joule,” Eryn Sepp, who was an assistant to Podesta at the Center for American Progress, forwarded a message to Podesta from Mark C. Solakian, who was Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc.

    “It is my understanding that John transferred the resulting 75,000 common shares from the option exercise to the Leonidio LLC.,” Slovakian wrote in a January 2014 email, referencing the Delaware-based holding company. “As such, we would need to edit the Transfer of Share Agreement to reflect the transfer of 75,000 common shares to the LLC.”\

    …“The disclosure that Clinton Chair John Podesta transferred his shares in Putin-backed Joule Unlimited to an anonymous holding company when he joined the Obama Administration is extremely concerning,” said Donald Trump Senior Communications Advisor Jason Miller in a statement.

    Podesta failed to fully disclose his position on Joule Unlimited’s board of directors and include it in his federal financial disclosures, as required by law, before he became President Obama’s senior adviser.

    “Because the holding company is completely anonymous, we do not know whether or not he still has deep financial ties to Vladimir Putin and his regime,” Trump advisor Jason Miller wrote. “As such, Mr. Podesta needs to either reveal who is behind the holding company or he must resign from the Clinton campaign immediately.”

    Full article, with other damning details at Breitbart.

    If ‘suspected’ ties to Russia should be enough to allege that Trump is disqualified, should not Confirmed (Undisclosed!) ties to Russia, and specifically Putin (!) Confirm that Hillary is disqualified?

    Or is this the part of the story where the media says ‘oh look! Shiny’?

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