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    Chelsea Clinton Mocked For Attempting an Anti-Trump Joke


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    Chelsea Clinton Mocked For Attempting an Anti-Trump Joke

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:00 pm

    Chelsea Clinton Mocked For Attempting an Anti-Trump Joke

    Chelsea Clinton is still trying to master this whole “Internet” thing, as part of her effort to appear more “normal” and “relatable” to mainstream Americans who aren’t super sure they want the Clinton dynasty to continue.

    She’s your Clinton, America. She knows you! And she makes jokes! Like this one about Abraham Lincoln.

    The Internet was, of course, quick to point out that no, Abraham Lincoln did not wear a “Make America Great Again” hat when he signed the Emancipation Declaration, and that such a beloved historical figure would have to time travel in order to bedeck himself with Trumpian attire.

    But, it turns out, Chelsea Clinton isn’t unfamiliar with President Lincoln’s tenure in office, just unsophisticated when it comes to constructing jokes.

    Teeeeechnnnicalllly, her comment about Lincoln wasn’t sarcastic, per se. It’s what comedians might call a sight gag. Or what normal people might just call a “joke.”

    But it’s very important that you understand that — as she rebuilds her post 2016 image — Chelsea Clinton is trolling other users on Twitter. Because she’s cool like that.

    Unfortunately for Chelsea, the Internet immediately – and expertly – trolled back.

    Her problem is she's trying to make herself into something that: a) she's not; and, b) she doesn't understand how to be.

    She got that from her mother. She previously tried the same tactic by working for NBC (probably set up by her mother trying to make something out of her), pretending to be a news person. She's not doing that any more. Why? Because even NBC couldn't make it credible.

    Chelsea, here's some free advice. Do with it what you will. But I'll only give it once.

    Stop trying to be approachable, friendly and just one of the gang. You aren't. You can't be. Not because of who you're related to or your name. It's because you aren't equipped for it. It's you. It's one of those things that can barely be altered even if you spend a lifetime trying.

    I know it's your mom pushing you to do it. But if she knew what she was talking about she wouldn't be spending her waking hours drugged-up and drunk, she'd be president or living a glamorous life someplace. She tried the things you're trying to make work and failed, too. But as unequipped as she was for it, she was better at it than you are. She had coaches, she rehearsed, she memorized talking points and answers, she had the press in her pocket. And what did it get her? Loneliness, fear of the shoes about to drop on her criminal activity, a marriage that is and always has been a sham, a lot of hangovers, and possible addiction to mind-altering drugs.

    Stop this for your own good. Because the only thing you're going to do is get false admiration from people who think you can give them something, followed by total abandonment by those same people when they realize you can't deliver. Ask mommykins how it feels to be all alone after the fake fawners move on to their next exploit, and even the fake spouse is nowhere to be found because he's gallivanting around the world chasing tail (both legal and jailbait).

    The American Dream is to be Donald Trump.
    -- Barack Hussein Obama

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