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    Post  sinister_midget on Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:04 pm


    OR: Why CalExit ain't gonna happen

    … It will quickly turn into a Third World dump and beg to be let back into the Trumpenreich.

    Seriously, this is the dumbest idea ever.

    I mean, go ahead. It’s pretty much a lost cause at this point, the ghost of America’s Christmas future a few more decades down the line. Only half its population are Whites or from high-performing Asian groups (closer to 30% amongst children).

    They won’t even have the Facebooks and Twitters to keep them afloat.

    Silicon Valley derives much of its power from having unrestricted access to the vast US internal market. But what possible reasons could the tech giants they have for preferring a market of 40 million to one of 280 million?

    • Is it California’s low taxes and pro-business regulations?
    • Its high levels of educational attainment and human capital?
    • Its high credit ratings and fiscal strength?
    • Their strong, genuine commitment to their SJW ideals coupled with California’s wonderful political climate so replete with Black Blocs, Bob Avakian cultists, and “they” Latino nationalists?

    Silicon Valley will flee for Boston or Austin faster than you can say “exit.”

    And then the Hollywood elites will forget their high principles and decamp to some new nest of degeneracy.

    There will be what you could call a restoration of the historical balance. California will drift into Mexico’s sphere of influence, as it was prior to 1847.

    Okay, I was exaggerating; it won’t literally be a Third World dump, though GDP per capita will probably fall to something more in line with its human capital (especially once the smart fraction brains drain away), maybe a Greek-like $25,000 / capita instead of the current $60,000. Still, it won’t be a bad place to live in by any major metric, by global standards. I agree with Fred Reed that many Americans tend to have a rather unrealistic view of Mexico, and California will be transitional between the two.

    Still, I do think many Californians instinctively understand that their living standards will plummet after Calexit, even those who are very triggered by Trump, so they’ll be doing a lot of “checking out” but very little actual “leaving.”

    If it really was to happen, I think he gives the state too much of a positive spin.

    For instance, once people knew it was real, a lot of those who can would evacuate before it's final. All of Silicon Valley would disappear quickly and the economy would start to tank. I think his $25,000 per capita figure might be close in the short term. But I seriously doubt it would stay that high for more than a few years. With the largest chunk of its business support and worker base gone, there'd be fewer to support the exorbitant welfare state that has been built up. The people who built it have no idea how to undo it. And the people left to elect people who could wouldn't because that would mean they're voting to cut their own free ride.

    Not to worry, though. It won't happen. The state is playing the same game the Hollyweird losers did. They threatened to leave the country if we didn't do what they wanted. We didn't. They didn't either. California is just making the same empty threat, mostly because they don't want Trump to keep his promises. The people with brains, and even many of the people with missing brains, know that it would be the end if they were serious. So CalExit is dead even if it still gets a vote every few years.

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