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    Barbara I-Wanna-Box-'er - Barely gone, still dumb


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    Barbara I-Wanna-Box-'er - Barely gone, still dumb

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:03 pm

    Barbara Boxer Urges Hollywood, Democrats to Follow Meryl Streep’s Lead: ‘If You Have a Stage, Use it’

    Former Senator Barbara Boxer defended Meryl Streep’s controversial, politically-charged Golden Globes acceptance speech and urged Democratic politicians to follow her lead during CAA’s “Take Action Day” summit on Thursday.

    Boxer — who just signed on as a client at CAA after leaving the Senate last year — was one of several politicians and progressive leaders taking part in what the Hollywood mega-agency billed a “non-partisan” political summit for clients and staff.

    “I don’t think she talks down to anybody,” Boxer said of Streep during a conversation with CAA agent Michael Kives, according to Deadline. “I don’t think it’s up to people to worry about how one segment of the country thinks. What did Meryl Streep say that should be offensive to the middle of the country, that Donald Trump imitated a disabled person? Believe me, people in Middle America didn’t like that one bit.”

    Can't we just get rid of these people once and for all? Do we have to keep getting used and abused by these mental giants of the left?

    Babs, you shoulda gone away quietly. After some time most people would have forgotten you. More importantly we'd mostly forget what a moron you are.

    What did Streep say that was wrong? (Almost spelled it "Strep" which would have been more accurate.) It was less what she said, even though it mostly wasn't accurate at all. It was more that she deemed to say it as though we care. It's the egotism that she has which leads her, and most of Hollyweird as well, to decide we care what the hell she thinks.

    She's an actress. (In my opinion not even that good of one, but that's my opinion.) She's supposed to spend her time pretending to be somebody else and trying to convince me for that hour-plus that she's really that person. She's not supposed to think that I give a hoot what she thinks outside of that. Because I don't. I'm not alone. Millions more don't either. Entertain us if you can, then nip it.

    She's welcome to her opinion. She's even welcome to say what her opinion is. But to use a public event, where she's supposed to be getting honored, to tar somebody else isn't her job. She should have been grateful, not bitter. She should have been thankful and pleased, not preachy.

    The same goes for the rest of the kooks who do the same sort of thing at all of the awards shows. Your viewership is down for a reason. It's doing that with the NFL, too. Do you think it's a coincidence that it falls for both of them just when they start getting political?

    I don't give a crap what she thinks. But since she now thinks I'm supposed to care, I don't even care to see any more of her flim-flammery at the box office either. She got her equivalent of  a lifetime achievement award. So now she can go off and quietly become a crazy cat lady or die or something.

    As for you, Barb, I'm not even sure you ever flew over flyover country. And even if you did I'm not so sure you knew what it was. Even if somebody pointed at it and told you what it was. I seriously doubt you have the slightest idea what anybody not living on either coast thinks, and barely anything about the eastern one. So you would be best served yakking that stupidity up with your left-coast groupthink crowd and not trying to tell anybody else what they should think. Your idiocy was alienating to start with. Now it's plain dumb, ineffective and will serve only to keep reminding the country what a dimwit you've always been.

    Now, please. For our peace of mind and for your possible rehabilitation into a leftist goddess someday when nobody is left alive to recall what a buffoon you were, stop talking.

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