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    This is not a surprise - Not even to CNN


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    This is not a surprise - Not even to CNN

    Post  sinister_midget on Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:26 pm

    'Trump was RIGHT!' Inside the Stockholm suburbs where cars are torched, drugs sold openly and fire engines must be bulletproof

    The Stockholm suburb that was hit by violent riots on Monday is a police no-go zone where cars are torched almost every day, gangs rule the streets and fire engines have to be fitted with bulletproof glass.

    Residents of rundown Rinkeby, where nine out of ten residents are immigrants, have spoken out about how they live in fear, as Swedish politicians and police officers admitted that 'Trump was right'.

    'The situation is here is terrible,' one resident said. 'I am scared most of the time when I leave my apartment. I have been assaulted twice and robbed once since I moved to Rinkeby. The criminal gangs can do what they want.

    'What happened on Monday night is just the tip of the iceberg. Gangs control this whole area. There are riots every evening and the police can do nothing to contain the situation.'

    The US president said Sweden, usually considered among the most peaceful and stable on earth, was suffering from social problems linked to mass migration. 

    His comments were widely mocked. But on Monday night, police were forced to fire warning shots after rioters torched cars, hurled stones at police and looted shops in the Rinkeby district of the capital, injuring a policeman.

    Beat officer Hanif Azizi, who was scrambled to the scene, told MailOnline: 'When we sat in the car and saw the riots I tapped my colleague on the shoulder and said, "perhaps Trump was right after all".'

    Yeah, perhaps. This has only been going on for a few years, ever since the Muslims have been flooding into Sweden. So you can't be quite sure if he was right or not. Maybe a few thousand more rapes, child molestations, murders, riots and thefts are needed before anybody can hope to be absolutely certain either way.

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