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    Are you ready for some stupidity? Here goes!


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    Are you ready for some stupidity? Here goes!

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:29 am

    From Bloomberg. Not the stupidest around, but certainly vying for top position.

    Why Trump's immigration crackdown could sink U.S. home prices

    In San Francisco, an Indian software engineer on a work permit canceled plans to bid on a $900,000 home. In Washington, a Brazilian nonprofit executive passed on a fixer-upper near her office. And, in Mesa, Arizona, a 24-year-old son of undocumented Mexican immigrants won the trust of a bank -- a green light for a mortgage -- but now fears deportation.

    President Donald Trump’s immigration policies threaten to crack a foundation of the American economy: the residential real estate market. Legal and otherwise, immigrants, long a pillar of growth in homebuying, are no longer feeling the warm welcome and optimism necessary for their biggest purchase.

    Hold it right there.

    First of all, who cares about San Fansicko? Everything is overpriced, partly because of people who can afford to push prices of everything up and Americans away. The loss of one sale, or a hundred sales, isn't going to collapse the real estate market there. And even if it did? Prices would be what, about 5 times average of the rest of the US when they fell? Big deal.

    A lot of the overpricing of things in that city is due to bringing in H1B visa holders. If you ask me those people are much more of a threat than illegals (other than the criminal ones) because they actually take great jobs away from Americans who are just as capable. Big businesses love them (particularly Silicon Valley businesses) because they might be high-paying, but the immigrants will still work cheaper than the college-educated American with the same skills (they think - an unemployed American will work for less than they might deserve if the only alternative is unemployment). Plus the threat of telling the government the business no longer needs the immigrant for that position hangs over their heads.

    The 24-year-old won't be touched if he's a dreamer and hasn't violated any laws. End of story.

    If the 24-year-old is deportable, the house was possibly going to end up back on the market as an abandoned property at some point in the future anyway. After the illegal sank a bunch of taxpayer-subsidized money into it. But only if the person has done something to be deported. Otherwise they're not likely to ever be noticed.

    Continuing the sob story.

    “I feel like with one stroke of Trump’s signature everything can be taken away, even all my hard work,” said Juan Rodriguez, the 24-year-old whose parents moved from Mexico when he was 7. He now works full time while earning his college degree.

    OK, he's a dreamer. He's staying unless he starts committing crimes. He can stop whining. But if he wants to take his whines to the people who are lying to him and getting him worked up then I say go for it. He can whine to them all day and night for all I care. They deserve it anyway.

    President Barack Obama had protected immigrants like Rodriquez, often called “dreamers,” or undocumented Americans who arrived as young children and are often fully integrated into American society.

    On Tuesday, the Trump administration detailed plans for a sweeping crackdown on undocumented immigrants, saying the authorities would deport many more people without court hearings. Under Obama, the government focused on those convicted of violent crimes; Trump would lower the bar to include fraud and, in some cases, a belief the residents threatened public safety.

    There it is. Crooks. But the left will focus on "in some cases a belief the residents threatened public safety." Because that's the only possible chink in the armor.

    Fraud is a crime. Using somebody else's SSN to do business is criminal. It's identity theft. It doesn't matter if  it was intended to rip somebody off or not, it's still identity theft.

    If somebody is picked up for various things several times, they might present a threat to public safety. Public drunkenness? They're probably also driving drunk. Spousal abuse? They're very possibly going to get physical with other people as well. Maybe they've been picked up for crimes and got off due to procedural errors or slick lawyers. They committed the crimes even though they might not be convicted. They're here illegally, the pose a potential threat, off they go back home.

    I can't imagine somebody being a suspect one time will mean anything. Certainly being wrongly accused and being acquitted or released when that was discovered will be meaningless. But there are a lot of ways to be a potential threat that are serious enough to be very cautious. That's the aim.

    Bloomberg needs to stick with what it does best: getting a feel for the economy from "experts" who are surprised every single time government data comes out showing they're wrong.

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