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    Not a bad Monday for a Tuesday!


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    Not a bad Monday for a Tuesday!

    Post  sinister_midget on Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:09 pm

    Yesterday was my 20th anniversary. My wife and I still look at each other the same way we did when we got married.

    Like two strangers who both believe we could have done better.


    Don't text and drive!


    Giving in to Islam and allowing its growth in America ultimately will lead to one thing...

    No more bacon.

    Why doesn't this end the entire refugee discussion?



    This has to be parody. But I'm not sure the author/owner sees it that way.

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton

    There are actual articles that don't seem to hold the sarcasm that humor usually does. At least some of the article titles don't look serious.

    But true or not, it's a safe space for social justice warriors. And that's what the world is all about!


    I got a new job making nursery rhymes for mentally retarded underprivileged kids.

    Or rap music as it's more commonly known


    Show your solidarity, ladies!


    You think your job is bad? You could be working as a dentist in the UK!


    Obviously Trump made up the chaos and terror in Sweden.

    BTW, here are some friendly immigrant people helping to deice windshields in Rinkeby, Sweden:


    LIBERALS: "Healthcare is a right. So everybody should get free healthcare."

    ME: "Where are my free guns? That's actually an amendment."


    I got into an argument with my wife. She told me women are better at multitasking than men.

    I told her to sit down and shut up.

    She couldn't do either one. I have seen her sit. So it must be the multitasking thing that tied her brain up in knots.


    Americans are charitable. For instance, a lot of them are sending their old clothes over to the poor in Africa.

    The only problem is I never saw an African with a 52-inch waist.


    Will liberals be tolerant and accepting of this new gender? (It would be number 116 if I've kept up properly.)

    He'll probably want to use men's restrooms, too!


    Re: Not a bad Monday for a Tuesday!

    Post  Guest on Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:25 pm

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