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    An Apology to David Horowitz: He Was Right about Bill Kristol


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    An Apology to David Horowitz: He Was Right about Bill Kristol

    Post  sinister_midget on Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:41 am

    An Apology to David Horowitz: He Was Right about Bill Kristol

    The odious Bill Kristol tweeted today, "Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics. But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state." For those who are not aware of the term "deep state," it refers to the secret services in a dictatorship who overthrow governments, manipulate the press, and otherwise eliminate opponents. I first heard the term in reference to Turkey, whose military and intelligence services overthrew governments they didn't like with depressing regularity during the postwar period. To speak of a "deep state" in an American context is to say that the United States is turning into a banana republic.

    This is no joking matter. I am confident that President Trump and the tough guys in his cabinet will root out the saboteurs, leakers, manipulators, and liars who infest the intelligence services and who conspire with the liberal media to invent fake-news charges against a duly elected administration. But the danger is real, and the fact that the intelligence community is playing games with domestic politics is a danger to our liberties.

    Last May 15, the perspicacious David Horowitz denounced Kristol in Breitbart as a "renegade Jew." Of course, the headline was employed later to show that Breitbart was anti-Semitic--even though Horowitz was arguing that Kristol had betrayed critical Jewish interests. I responded with a note in this space to the effect that Kristol wasn't a "renegade Jew," just a sore loser throwing a tantrum. It was "churlish," I said, to attack a man's religion in that way.

    Horowitz was right and I was wrong, and I herewith offer him my apology.

    Kristol is a renegade Jew, and an apologist for anti-Constitutional, illegal manipulation by America's self-designated "deep state." His hatred for Donald Trump has unhinged him. Decent people should cross the street to avoid walking too close to him.

    Kristol was the biggest reason for my blocking the Weekly Standard. I don't care that he doesn't like Trump. At the time I did the block I wasn't wholly convinced that Trump was that great. (To be honest, I still have a misgiving or two, but they're slowly dying off as I find a lot of what caused them was BS through the megaphones of those who don't like him.) But Kristol took it beyond reasonable disagreement. I saw him - and still do - as the primary force behind the publication's anti-Trump stories.

    I saw that tweet. When I did I knew I was still right about him. I don't understand why Fox still keeps him on their A-list of talking 'tards to spew his brand of neocon nonsense. But I guess it's somewhat understandable. Look how long they kept Megyn Kelly (RIP), and they still put up with Shepard Smith (may he join Kelly in the grave of long-forgotten nobody journalists soon) long past his smell-by date.

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